Why I Cringed at Star Trek Beyond

I didn’t want to cringe.  Even though my husband said, “This movie’s going to be awful.  It’s the Fast and Furious guy! How can it be Star Trek?” I still believed in Simon Pegg. I also believed that Justin Lin was unfairly pigeon holed as a hack, and we should give him a chance.  I

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Why Davey Blackburn’s Church Culture is Toxic

[Potentially triggering graphics and themes ahead.] I won’t comment on whether or not Davey Blackburn is involved in his wife’s shooting death or not. That’s the job of the investigators and the court system. However, as a spiritual abuse blogger, I must say this: Rev. Davey Blackburn has used this tragedy to show us why

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Three Bizarre Things I Learned About Eating Disorders: Part 1

Thank you all for the support you’ve shown for my daughter as she recovers from an eating disorder. As we’ve struggled through her treatment, we’ve discovered how much bad information circulates through the media about this devastating condition.  I wanted to share three things that shocked us, in the hope that we can equip some

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Welcome to my new home!

Thankfully, now that life is starting to stabilize a bit, I can get back to doing what I do best. The blog has a new name, and hopefully, within the next few days, a new look. Thank you for exploring the Evangelical galaxy with me.