Month: January 2015

“Beautiful, Beautiful” (The Housewife Song)

I confess, I’m a HORRIBLE housekeeper. Ok? Ok. 🙂 But that didn’t keep me from trying. For years, and years, and years, I tried to be a perfect housewife, before realizing that it’s just not my gift.  I’m a captain, not a house cleaner. Here’s my little parody demo, recorded with a smart phone (that

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John Piper, Rape, Seduction, and Sin-Leveling.

John Piper tweeted, and then unceremoniously deleted, the following comment: “The Bible says there are men who rape (Genesis 34:2) and women who seduce (Genesis 39:7). United in sin, distinct in form.” Some old and new friends of mine on social media have asked variations of: “Why is this such a big deal? Potiphar’s wife

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