Why Davey Blackburn’s Church Culture is Toxic

[Potentially triggering graphics and themes ahead.]

I won’t comment on whether or not Davey Blackburn is involved in his wife’s shooting death or not. That’s the job of the investigators and the court system.

However, as a spiritual abuse blogger, I must say this: Rev. Davey Blackburn has used this tragedy to show us why we should *never* darken the doors of his church, or any church affiliated with it.

When the average person sees him on TV, initially (and I pray for God to guide my words here,) Blackburn may seem so holy, so above the tragedy, so willing to trust God with whatever the outcome may be of his wife’s shooting. To those of us sitting at home, that could seem like a desirable quality! “Hey, I want that kind of peace when my life is in turmoil.”

After the polish wears a little thin, we can see the problems emerge.  In reality, what Davey Blackburn is saying, in all of these interviews, is this:



Is this holiness?

To be able to walk in from your time at the gym, see your house destroyed, your wife shot & barely hanging on, and less than a week later, say, “We’re just trying to figure out how to grieve, how to move forward, how to trust God.  Six thousand people watched around the world.  I texted my dead wife [and remember, I’m the one who found her body] and said, ‘Babe, so many people got saved because of you,'” is that holiness? Is that a quality you want in your life?

Again, please remember, I’m taking him 100% AT HIS WORD–that he was at the gym, and came home and found her shot.  I’m not accusing him of anything. I AM saying, “Is this the kind of pastor you want to go to for comfort when you’ve lost your pregnancy? Or when your grandfather dies? Or when you’ve got a deep theological question?”

According to his own words, he can go from discovering a murder to seeming calm & collected & trusting Christ on national TV.

I don’t think Jesus would do this.

Please, use this national case as a red flag–stay away from any church that treats *your* suffering like a tool to bring people through the door.


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