Despite Transgender Bathroom Laws, Christians are Completely Okay With Certain Sexual Predators

My Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of arguments about Transgender People, and whether or not they should be able to use the bathroom they want.


Knowing what I know, this makes me put on my blood boil. Christians are saying they want to protect vulnerable women and children from the possibility of sexual assault. I’m going to argue that the powers-that-be don’t actually care about protecting women and children at ALL.  Yes, you read that correctly.

What the average Christian doesn’t realize , is that many Christian leaders are COMPLETELY OKAY with NON transgender sexual predators, as long as a few qualifications are added:

1) You have to be young.


Josh Duggar actually molested five young girls, one under the age of 5, and Christians were stumbling all over themselves to say, “He was so young! He didn’t know what he was doing!  And he wasn’t even saved yet!” This despite the fact that sibling sexual abuse is FIVE TIMES MORE COMMON than parental sexual abuse. Even worse, if Josh had gotten treatment as a sexual offender, his likelihood of *reoffending* would have reduced.

But no. We forgive. We move on.

Would we have been outraged if he’d dressed up as a woman and  abused little girls in a women’s bathroom?

2) You have to be a pastor, church worker, or other volunteer.


Remember the book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye?” Superstar writer Josh Harris later became a mega-church pastor. Our family certainly admired him from afar. However, a youth minister, and a children’s ministry worker from his church have been arrested for sexually assaulting children. Multiple victims have spoken out, saying their children were molested by babysitters, youth workers, and  in some cases, their own fathers.   In nearly all of the cases, the victims were discouraged from going to the police, in the name of protecting the Church’s reputation, and the “work of the Gospel.”

Of course, you wouldn’t know this if you were a random book-buyer at your local Lifeway Store.

Speaking of Lifeway, according to the site, the Southern Baptist Convention allegedly “does not keep records on clergy who admit to facts constituting child sex abuse. Nor does it have denominational processes for ‘defrocking’ clergy or revoking their credentials.”

This is not a witch-hunt: this is a group of married, supposedly heterosexual men who have ADMITTED TO SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN. They’re still Southern Baptists! They’re still ministers!

Would we be outraged about what they did if they’d dressed up as women and sexually abused someone in a women’s bathroom?

Well, maybe not:

3) You  have to say that you’re really, really sorry.


Three years ago, The New Gospel Outreach Church in Scottsville, KY actually hired a convicted, registered sex offender as their pastor.

Yes, you read that correctly. Their justification was twofold:
1: “He explained to us that the allegations were false.”
2: “We’re firm believers in the Bible, so if God’s forgiven you, then we’re in no position to treat you otherwise,”

They’re only in a position to treat him differently if he dresses as a woman and assaults someone in a women’s bathroom. Obviously.

Also last year, The Village Church made news when they put a pedophile’s wife (Karen Hinkley) under church discipline, but not the actual pedophile. You see, he was walking in “repentance,” but his wife wanted to annul the marriage, despite their counsel to walk beside him, keep having sex with him, and help him recover.

Nope, nope, and nope.


Thankfully, after a long media battle, the leaders of The Village Church apologized to Ms. Hinkley. However, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Matt Chandler is a Southern Baptist.

For whatever reason, Southern Baptists are much more accepting of actual pedophiles who say “Sorry,” and who might actually offend again,  than they are of people look weird to them, but have never sexually assaulted anyone.

Dear Church, if you are okay with married, male, normal-looking sexual predators walking free,  and using whatever bathroom they want,then you are NOT QUALIFIED to say ANYTHING about transgender people *possibly* sexually assaulting someone in a bathroom.  Once you clean up the disgusting child sexual abuse already happening in your own bathrooms, I might care what you think about what happens in Target.

2 thoughts on “Despite Transgender Bathroom Laws, Christians are Completely Okay With Certain Sexual Predators

  1. Does the Southern Baptist Convention have the authority to defrock or revoke privileges? Unless things have changed, my understanding is that each Baptist church is independent and there is no hierarchy or authority that they answer to, other to within their own group. Also, my understanding is that there is no requirement that a Southern Baptist minister have any minimal education or seminary or theological training, though I believe most do by now. They simply don’t have the authority to require anything, or to punish–unless they kick a church out, perhaps? I may be wrong.

    1. That’s a good question. Do you see the contradiction in their own logic?
      -Each church is independent. There is no hierarchy or authority that they answer to.
      -…unless they kick a church out.

      So, somehow, everyone is independent, untill they’re not. 🙁 They can and do remove churches from their fellowship. Since they haven’t done this over sexual abuse, but have over LGBT issues, I think they’re talking out of both sides of their mouth. I say this as a member of a Southern Baptist church, who wonders regularly if they’re going to get kicked out over having a female deacon.

      Thank you so much for commenting.

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