According to Starfleet policy, all superior officers, regardless of gender, are to be addressed as “sir.”
Instead, Captain Kathryn Janeway essentially says “I prefer not to be addressed as though my skills are a male or female trait. My leadership, scientific knowledge, and rank, came about because of my abilities, not because of my gender.”
She said, “I prefer Captain.”

I started blogging about spiritual abuse, and growing up with mentally ill parents, at www.TaylorJoyRecovers.wordpress.com. I had one post go viral over there, but didn’t quite know how to connect with my audience.  After joining Twitter, I found the hilarious “Anon Church,” where people discuss theology and Christian issues anonymously, sometimes with a bit of online cosplay. For example, I followed “Calvinist Picard,” “BreakingBaptist”, “Armenian Superman,” “The Super Theologian” and “SaulGoodman_IFB.”  Even Wolverine, Captain America, and the esteemed Governor Pappy from “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” all had theological counterparts.

I thought, “Why don’t I do a ‘Calvinist Janeway’ or something?”

Calvinist Picard said, “Make it so.”

So I did. 🙂

Suddenly, blogging about Spiritual Abuse could be funny.



  • 24th Jul, 2014

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