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How Can I Spot Abusive Complementarianism?

I want to collect some of the more impactful discussions and moments that my friends and I have had on Twitter, and bring them to the blog.  This was one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked. [View the story “How Can I Spot Abusive Complementarianism? ” on Storify]

#Comptradictions. Gary Thomas, Part 1

#Comptradictions is my blog series with Ezer Rising, where we examine the promises of complementarian theology, and then examine the fruit that it actually produces. One of the hardest, most humbling lessons for me to learn, is that Christian authors are not in authority over me.  A book that I see in Lifeway, or advertised

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Why Davey Blackburn’s Church Culture is Toxic

[Potentially triggering graphics and themes ahead.] I won’t comment on whether or not Davey Blackburn is involved in his wife’s shooting death or not. That’s the job of the investigators and the court system. However, as a spiritual abuse blogger, I must say this: Rev. Davey Blackburn has used this tragedy to show us why

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Welcome to my new home!

Thankfully, now that life is starting to stabilize a bit, I can get back to doing what I do best. The blog has a new name, and hopefully, within the next few days, a new look. Thank you for exploring the Evangelical galaxy with me.

An Update on My Daughter

I can’t thank you all enough for the amazing, outpouring of support and prayer you gave our family yesterday. I was shocked to receive over 100 tweets, private messages, emails, and texts from all of you. I hope to respond to everyone very soon. I thank God for giving us the kind of prayer and

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Christian Janeway’s Year of Hell

UPDATE AT THE END OF THE POST. A lot of times, I don’t have a good perspective on the amount of suffering my family and I have endured. Today, as a brand new barrage of photon torpedoes have hit our ship, from a completely unexpected source, I think it’s time to write out a list

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My First Encounter with the ESV

I was barely 20, single, and alone for Thanksgiving that year. My family lived several states away, and I couldn’t afford to travel. I also had a bad habit of going out with this one particular guy  (a seminary student at SBTS) when I didn’t have a date, or plans with anyone else. I couldn’t

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Dear “Dochas82”

Dear “Dochas82”, some guy I just met, who once went by the Twitter Handle “Glittery Mob Neelix,” I liked that, by the way. 🙂 I saw your disappointment in the Tony Jones/Rachel Held Evans fiasco. I saw how you vowed to delete your blog, and vowed never again try to make money off of Christian

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“Beautiful, Beautiful” (The Housewife Song)

I confess, I’m a HORRIBLE housekeeper. Ok? Ok. 🙂 But that didn’t keep me from trying. For years, and years, and years, I tried to be a perfect housewife, before realizing that it’s just not my gift.  I’m a captain, not a house cleaner. Here’s my little parody demo, recorded with a smart phone (that

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