Why I Cringed at Star Trek Beyond

I didn’t want to cringe.  Even though my husband said, “This movie’s going to be awful.  It’s the Fast and Furious guy! How can it be Star Trek?” I still believed in Simon Pegg. I also believed that Justin Lin was unfairly pigeon holed as a hack, and we should give him a chance.  I

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Why Davey Blackburn’s Church Culture is Toxic

[Potentially triggering graphics and themes ahead.] I won’t comment on whether or not Davey Blackburn is involved in his wife’s shooting death or not. That’s the job of the investigators and the court system. However, as a spiritual abuse blogger, I must say this: Rev. Davey Blackburn has used this tragedy to show us why

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Welcome to my new home!

Thankfully, now that life is starting to stabilize a bit, I can get back to doing what I do best. The blog has a new name, and hopefully, within the next few days, a new look. Thank you for exploring the Evangelical galaxy with me.