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  4. This is my ship, my home, and my space—but I want to welcome people of every opinion.
  5. I will not be participating in the “for or against LGBT+ inclusion” discussion on my blog, twitter, and FB feeds.

    No matter *what* position I take on that issue, someone uses it as a litmus test for the genuineness of my faith and/or my egalitarianism. It’s disgusting to me how, regardless of how I respond, the other side won’t take me seriously as a voice on Jesus, Christianity, or gender issues. 🙁

    So, I’ve decided to welcome people who embrace both sides of the LGBT+ debate, to discuss gender equality in the church, but I absolutely will not host discussions on LGBT+ issues on my blog or social media feeds. There are plenty of other very, very good places to discuss the issue (both for and against) but my page is not that place. <3

    Thank you so much for understanding.

  • 15th Apr, 2015

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